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I am investing in my own campaign as I did before in 2014.

  However, it helps to have moral and financial support from friends.

Here are the rules for giving:

  • No contributions from corporations or labor unions excepting only law firms.
  • Individual contributions are capped at $5,000 and law firm contributions are capped at $30,000.  
  • Contributions of $50 or less show up on my campaign disclosure reports, but the name of the donor is not public record by law.  This rule allows lawyers to contribute to candidates that are not yet on the bench without a sitting judge knowing that the lawyer has contributed to the judge's opponent.  In this case, the sitting judge is retiring and so this kind of problem is not at issue in this particular race.
  • Any contribution above $50 will include the amount of the contribution and the donor's information.  If your spouse is an attorney, please give the name of your spouse and the name of the spouse's law firm.
  • When you hit the button below, there are other rules listed.
  • When giving, please put my name in the "share your comments" box.  Thanks for your help!  Your contribution is an investment in good judgment.



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