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"It's about justice for all, not justice for some."

​Election day went our way -

I am currently the Judge-Elect of the

189th Civil District Court.

I will be sworn in on January 1, 2019.

My investiture will be January 22nd at 201 Caroline, Houston, Texas from 12 to 1 p.m. on the 17th Floor in the ceremonial court room.

Congratulations to my opponent for running a hard fought and honorable race.

"You have a right to be treated fairly."

"You have a right

to be treated fairly."



I'm Houston lawyer Scot Dollinger. Folks ask me, "How did 'dolli' get started?" Growing up in Beaumont, Texas, my friends started calling me "dolli." The name stuck and carried over to high school, college and my professional life. Though born and raised in Beaumont, I have lived and worked in Harris County for almost thirty years.

I'm running for judge of the 189th Civil District Court in Harris County, Texas.  The 189th District Court hears civil disputes from $500 and up and is considered a court of general jurisdiction.  If you're a registered voter in Harris County, you can vote for me because it's a county-wide seat - I will be on every ballot in Harris County on November 6, 2018. I won the March 6, 2018 Democratic Primary for this position - Thank you!

In 2014, I was the Democratic Nominee on the ballot for Civil Court No. 2 in Harris County. I am running again in the 2018 election cycle for the 189th bench because I continue to believe the best way to improve Harris County is to make sure that everyone is treated fairly. That means having an experienced lawyer as your judge who brings people together to solve problems without bias, sympathy or prejudice. Everybody needs to know when they come to court they will be treated fairly by an experienced, knowledgeable judge. "You have a right to be treated fairly." It's that simple. After practicing law for over 30 years, I'm experienced, efficient and effective enough to run a fair court for all.  "It's about justice for all, not justice for some."

Please get involved in the Harris County Democratic party.  Thank you for voting for me in the November 6, 2018 General Election. Get your friends involved too. Remember: Thank you.

We elect our judges by partisan elections. But all judges have to check their politics at the door and be fair to everyone regardless of party affiliation. Outcomes should be based on the law and facts, not politics.

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​                                   (ON EVERY BALLOT IN HARRIS COUNTY)





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